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  • High power heat pipe type industrial and mining lamp / projection lamp





    材质:Pure copper heat pipe + aviation aluminum main body + galvanized steel mounting bracket

    产品描述 product

    Product characteristics:
    1. Heat pipe riveted fin heat dissipation technology, heat transfer speed is 200 times faster than aluminum radiator, combined with HDT, seamless fitting process, to maximize the heat dissipation area;
    2. Adopting stainless steel spare parts, surface treatment process can pass 500 hours salt spray test, with excellent anti-corrosion, anti-rust function, suitable for harsh outdoor environment;
    3. through professional wind tunnel test, resistance to 17 level wind;
    4. lamp built-in respirator to remove fog and avoid condensation.
    5. It has 25 45 60 90 100 and other multi-angle reflecting cups to meet the requirements of professional light distribution and has a wide range of applications.
    6.216 degree adjustable angle, the angle of the lamp can be adjusted at will.
    7. for long range projection.
    Scope of application: widely used in industrial plants, stadiums, wharfs, golf courses, drilling platforms, mines, large-scale construction sites, marine search and rescue, plaza... It can replace traditional metal halide lamp and high pressure sodium lamp.

            Product technical parameters:
               Light distribution curve of lamps and lanterns:
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