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    The company for business development needs, to the community to invite the following posts, the following posts are preferential treatment, welcome to join the blue-green photovoltaic:
    Business assistant to general manager
    Job description:
    1. bachelor degree or above, age 25-40 years old.
    2. more than three years and rich sales experience, strong communication skills and adaptability.
    3., we can recognize the company's culture, recognize the company's products and develop together with the company.
    Two. Business Manager
    1. High school or above, age 20 or above, male or female.
    2. Have sales experience of terminal customers, strong communication ability and business public relations ability, full of innovation and pioneering spirit.
    3. Strong learning ability, with a certain marketing knowledge and sales work experience, electronics and electrical products or LED products sales experience is preferred.
    4. Strong language skills and good communication skills.
    5. Strong ability to resist pressure (in the face of rejection, to have a more courageous Vietnam mentality, which is one of the most important qualities of salespeople).
    6. Strong desire to make money (only those who have dreams can find their own coordinates and see the direction of the future). If you dare to take the first step, you will succeed.
    Three. Purchasing supervisor
    Job requirements:
    1. More than 5 years purchasing experience, more than 3 years purchasing management experience;
    2. Familiar with the purchasing process and skills of electronic and hardware products, with strong material and processing unit price accounting ability.
    3. Have good professional accomplishment and negotiation ability, can proceed from the reasonable interests of the company, with suppliers to communicate and coordinate actively and effectively;
    4. Good internal management and cross departmental communication and coordination capabilities.
    1. Planning, guiding and coordinating purchasing work, reasonably assigning project tasks, organizing follow-up to ensure effective implementation;
    2, effective management team, and constantly improve the department system, process;
    3, develop quality suppliers, identify long term and short term suppliers and supply channels.
    4, grasp the trend of price market in raw material market, reduce purchasing cost and improve product quality.
    5, parity, bargaining negotiations;
    6. Supplier maintenance and evaluation.
    Four. LED Power Engineer
    Job requirements:
    1. College degree with more than 8 years of industry experience, bachelor degree with more than 5 years of industry experience, electronics, circuit, electronic information and other related professions.
    2. Familiar with Portel99SE, DXF and other circuit design software; Familiar with various electronic test instruments, such as oscilloscope, voltage tester, etc.
    3. Ability to test and analyze independent power supply and circuit analysis; Experience in debugging lighting related control systems; Good at making product performance analysis reports.
    4, with power development experience, can independently complete various LED power supply design and development, and has successful cases.
    5. Have good professional ethics and professionalism.
    Resume delivery mailbox:
    MS WONG: 0731-55586000-817
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